The Chausie. Exotic Hybrid Cat.

The Chausie Is this hybrid cat breed right for you?

A Chausie is also known as Jungle Curl, Stone Cougar, or Mountain Cougar.

It is a hybrid of the Domestic Cat (Felis Silvestris Catus) and Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus). Despite their wild appearance, they are domestic. Never heard of a Chausie? You're not alone. This exotic breed is the result of careful breeding between domestic cats and wild jungle cats.

Chausies were bred the first time in the 1960's and 1970's as a safer alternative to keeping jungle cats in the house. In the late 1990's a group of people began to breed and develop the hybrid jungle cat. These breeders have made a concentrated effort to acquire the traits of medical and personality that have made this breed apart from others.

One of the first things done was to choose a name that describes the breed. The name “Chausie” (pronounced “chow-see”) was derived from the Latin name for the Jungle Cat, Felis Chaus.

Breeding History

The goal in breeding the Chausie remains the same today as it was when they were first created: a breed that has the looks, grace, and the size of a wild jungle cat, but the gentle disposition of a domestic cat.

Today, the most common domestic breed used to produce Chausies is the Abyssinian, this is because it has the same look as the jungle cat, but is substantially smaller. Since adult males can reach no less than 25 pounds, Chausies require large spaces and lots of activity.

Although the Chausie has not been identified by the CFA, they were granted the status in the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1995. Chausie males in the first and third generations are usually sterile, so only Chausies four generations removed from the wild cat ancestor are considered “show quality” animals.

In addition to being extremely loyal to its owners, Chausies have a level of high energy, are champion jumpers, and are extremely playful, making them an ideal companion for young children.

Appearance and Behavior

The Chausie has a wild look, with a long, slender body and large tufted ears.

They are elegant in appearance and statuesque. They have gold or yellow eyes and the head is resembles a triangle with three rounded corners. Chausie males typically weigh about 25 pounds, while females tend to be smaller. It is not uncommon for a male Chausie to reach 30 Pounds.

They can be found in three colors – brown ticked tabby, solid black and silver-tipped black. Their ears are particularly alert and mobile. Chausies are known for their speed and vertical jump of nearly six feet. The breed has a strong resemblance to its wild ancestor, but is good natured, loyal, intelligent and affectionate, as you would expect in a domestic cat.

It is a very active breed, and loves to play with toys or other cats. It keeps this quality in adulthood. Chausie cats are very active and people oriented. They are excellent jumpers and hunters. They need time and attention, particularly interactive play time. Despite their wild ancestry, Chausies are people oriented and affectionate.

They tend to be courageous, which can get in trouble if they are allowed outside. They can learn to open doors and cupboards and love to get into things. They tend to be very interactive, as they want to be in the middle of whatever is going on. They are curious and intelligent.

They need stimulation and interaction. They are not a breed that does well if left alone all day.


In Egypt, over 3000 years ago, they valued the jungle cat.

They admired admired enough to paint murals and honor them in funeral ceremonies, They mummified them to send their pharaohs in the afterlife. These cats were beloved companions and highly revered. It is much the same today with their more domesticated relative, the Chausie.

Please consider this article when you decide if the Chausie is the right breed for you.

For more information and help finding a Chausie breeder, please visit the Chausie Breed Committee website.

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