Territorial Game – Dominate the Cyber World

Geo io is a multi-user tactics contest taking you to a exciting battle between countries. Strike other countries to be the dominant force of our planet.

Attack other countries and populated territories

In this game, you will construct your personal country and enlarge it. At the commencement of this contest, you and fellow gamers have to place your main on the Earth’s chart. Then, you need to tap on the Sword button to attack other areas and extend your country. Let’s capture populated territories around your domain first. When there is no longer inhabited land, you should move your target to different states. You need to focus on nations of computer-controlled rivals first because you can readily defeat them. When you are mighty, you can begin to dominate the countries of other players on the map. It will be a breath-catching struggle because your opponents also want to capture your nation. You should assault smaller nations and then bigger nations.

Besides attacking neighboring countries, you can dominate additional regions by ship onslaught. Select the Vessel button to send large ship offensives. It is also a superb approach to widen your realm at a faster pace.

Defend your nation

In addition an forceful battling technique, you also use calm strategies to safeguard your nation from the attacks of other countries. When many nations surrounding you assault you at the same time, I recommend you click on the clash or the skull symbol emote. These symbols represent that you wish to establish a truce. Furthermore, you can choose the Greet button to dispatch them the partnership invitation. Let’s form the authorized alliance to grow into more potent and overcome other nations.

Yield other countries

Finally, when there is little hope for your country, you can hit the individual button to show that you wish to surrender. As immediately as you send the surrendering signal, your land will be taken over swiftly and you will lose. Actually, I do not recommend you surrender even when you confront numerous fronts. Try to fight until the last breath,

Expert methods to victorious Land-based io

The war for dominion in this match is really intense, so it is so demanding to achieve a victory. Therefore, if you just begin to engage in the match, I shall propose some best strategies which will help you emerge as the global leader.

Information about Territorial io that you should be knowledgeable about

The gaming modes

Single Player Setting

If you merely start to play this contest, you must pick the Single Player Setting initially. This mode permits you to understand the gameplay rules and hone your abilities. In this setting, all your opponents are automated opponents. Your aim is to overcome all bots on the world map and be the supreme leader of the world.

Multiplayer Options

If you desire to contend with other players from across the world, opt for from 5 multiplayer modes.

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