Researching Monavie Juice Scam Compared To Arbonne

Researching Monavie Juice Scam Compared To Arbonne Mona vie is a quite fresh company which only started last January 2005. The company concentrates on selling started in January 2005. The company focuses on selling uniquely formulated Acai Berry supplement juice. Their supplement juice product neither does nor only promotes many health benefits but at the same time it offers better opportunities to market their products as an independent distributor słoma w kostkach lubelskie, you could check here, through the use of a multi-level marketing program.

Monavie can set you off for a mere $42 while keeping in mind that you can’t start your own business without spending money on it. From the $42 you will get your business kit which includes of a letter and DVD’s to use at your tasting party that will help you promote your product. This looks so easy but for you to make money you should buy the product and be put on the auto ship every month. But this is just the start of a good business anyway. You still need to do some leg work to earn money even if you are on the auto-ship program of Mona vie.

You need to recruit two other people to bring aboard and buy the Monavie and must also be on auto-ship. The person who encourages you to be in Monavie can place people under you that will help you make money but it still not work to earn additional profit if you can’t put two other people under your level. These two people that you recruit will be your two legs in the multi-level program of Monavie Juice. You are paid through a commission from buying the product yourself at wholesale and sell it to other people in retail.

From buying the products at wholesale, you can set your own price for the products and the difference between what you paid for from what you charge is your profit. This system makes use the binary compensation system This binary compensation plan set by Monavie Juice obliges you to balance the two legs that you have which means that if your one leg has a weekly volume of $400, your pay will be $200. You are maybe wondering that your Monavie individual company sells over $40,000 a week and you only make $100 then where does the rest of the 50% income of the company offers go?

The 50% income goes to the top distributors of Monavie. This compensation plan set by Monavie may work for some people but to others, they will have some difficulties in coping with the binary compensation plan offered to their individual distributor. It is important to really dive into your research carefully when looking into Monavie. For example, I will close with this, Monavie compared to a company like Arbonne, is way different. Arbonne has many products, where Monavie only offers one fruit juice.

So take the time to know your work at home business opportunities inside and out before joining.

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