Paleo Meal Plan vs Pescatarian Meal Plan vs Keto Diet Plan

There are about a million different meals out there that claim to do this or that and help you lose tons of weight in a matter of days.While quick weight loss is possible, true weight loss that is healthy and easy to maintain is a bit more difficult. There are some meals however that are useful when it comes to living healthy and shedding those extra pounds.

Paleo Diet Foods

The first meal to consider has been named the paleo diet foods.

This diet consists of foods that are cooked the bare minimum to help maintain as much of the nutritional content of the food as possible. It is based off of the foods of early man when processing of foods was at a minimum. The diet consists of eating tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, seafood, nuts and seeds, and grass fed meat that has not been overly treated with antibiotics or other steroids.

The entire idea behind this food is to get the food as close to its original state as possible and to avoid things like grains and other carbohydrates.

Common foods for this meal plan are things like lean beef, fresh fruit and vegetables that have not been cooked or that have been minimally processed, nuts and grains, and other foods that are organic and minimally processed.

Pescatarian Meal Plan

Another great meal plan is a pescatarian meal plan. A pescatarian diet consists of foods and diets that would be common for a vegetarian but they also eat fish and other seafood. Instead of forgoing all meat, pescatarians still eat seafood for protein and for essential oils and fats.This type of diet focuses on cutting out red meat and other potentially fatty foods to focus on clean foods with low calories but high nutritional value.

Some common foods on this type of meal plan are things like smoked salmon, vegetables, healthy fats and oils like avocados, nuts, micronutrients, and just about any food that does not contain meat.Whole grains are also promoted on this diet plan and you may also be advised to add something like a protein shake to help up the protein.

Keto Diet Plan

The keto diet plan, for ketogenic diet plan, focuses on limiting carbs and focusing on protein and helping the liver to produce ketones that are then used by the body to produce energy.

This type of meal plan largely cuts out carbohydrates from the diet to help limit the amount of glucose and insulin that is produced in the body. This is a great diet if you want to shed pounds quickly but you have to remember to hydrate properly so that your body can better process the increased protein that you are eating.

Some common foods on this type of diet are meats, leafy greens, vegetables that grow above the ground like broccoli and cauliflower, high fat dairy like cheeses and butter, nuts and seeds, berries, and other fats.

These diet plans are all beneficial for different reasons and with proper research you can find the one that fits your particular needs.

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