Ledger Live – Most Secure Crypto Wallet App Ledger

The Ledger Live app is a useful app by Ledger which combines all separate apps in 1 place. Ledger Live is your crypto dashboard and the app where you can process transactions and investments. The app supports more than 1800 crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Dogecoin. This way, you’ll have a nice overview of your assets and the value in case you want to invest.

Subject File: Business Journals and Ledgers, 1902-1904 - PICRYL Public ...With Ledger Live, you can control your crypto currency from 1 location. You used to need different Ledger apps, but you can keep a nice overview with Ledger Live. You also don’t need a portfolio manager anymore, and you can keep track of the values at a glance. You can read what Ledger Live is and what you can do with it here.

In addition to all crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can also store NFTs via Ledger Live. The app protects all your NFTs with the same codes you use for your hardware wallet. Want to buy or sell new NFTs? No problem. You can easily trade in the app via your Ethereum wallets. All NFT transactions are monitored this way in the blockchain, which is supported by Rarible, Rainbow Me, and Poap. This way, you can trade securely and keep on eye on the value of your own NFTs.

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