Georgia teen in ICU after brutal hazing incident

A teen was left on a ventilator after being forced to consume dangerous amounts of and magic mushrooms by his so-called friends in a brutal hazing ceremony.

Trent Lehrkamp, 19, remains in the intensive care unit in a stable condition following the out-of-control abuse he suffered during a spring break house party at a Saint Simon’s Island party last Tuesday.

Police are investigating whether a picture circulating on social media was taken during last week’s incident, which left the teen on life support after his breathing slowed to just six breaths a minute.

The image, which appears to have been taken on , shows the Glynn Academy High School graduate sitting in a chair, unconscious, covered in spray paint, as several other teenage males stand behind him, flipping their middle fingers to the camera.

Snapchat image of Trent Lehrkamp allegedly being victimized by a group of teenage boys in Georgia last week

Lehrkamp was allegedly forced to consume dangerous amounts of alcohol, as well as magic mushrooms, in addition to being spray painted by the group of boys

A community Facebook account based in Glynn County called ‘Glynn County Citizens on Patrol’ posted a clip of the young man, apparently during a separate hazing incident, in which his head is bowed and he is being sprayed with a hose.

‘These fine young men bound an unconscious and unresponsive boy to a chair, spray painted him from head to toe, pissed on him, took a s*** on his lap and the list goes on and on,’ wrote the account, referring to last Tuesday’s incident.

The account alleged that the boys then ‘dropped him off at the ER.They gave their names and left.’

The county police department did not confirm any specifics about the alleged assault against the victim, but said a group of kids had dropped off the unconscious teen at a local hospital early Wednesday and departed prior to the arrival of the cops.

In a release, the agency said, judi slot online jackpot terbesar ‘Officers did not see any signs of physical injury on the individual but did note the presence of spray paint.’

The teen was treated ‘due to a high level of intoxication, from a mixture of controlled substances and alcohol.’

Police continue to investigate the incident – which happened in an affluent area of coastal Georgia – and have collected evidence from the house where the party took place.


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