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On his death in 1872 without male offspring, he was succeeded by his brother Oscar II., who has continued his liberal policy. I. Christian II., surnamed in his own country the Fiery, and in Sweden the Tyrant, son and successor of King John, born at Nyborg, July 2, 1481, died at Kallundborg, Jan. 24, Olymp trade commission 1559. His education was imperfect, and his habits became dissolute. Frederick died childless in 1751, and was succeeded by Adolphus Frederick of Holstein-Eutin, bishop of Lübeck, whose election as successor had been made by the empress Elizabeth of Russia a condition of the peace of 1743. French influence corrupted the senate during his administration, and involved the country in a disastrous war with Prussia. At the time of his father’s coronation at Stockholm, Christian was recognized by the Swedes as successor to the Swedish throne; but in the mean time successful rebellion had again partly emancipated Sweden from the Danish yoke. Since 1448 the Danish kings (with the single exception of John, 1481-1513) have upon their accession to the throne assumed alternately the names of Christian and Frederick. In 1439 Eric was deposed, and his nephew Christopher of Bavaria chosen king; and on his death in 1448 Karl Knudsson, who had been regent at the deposition of Eric, succeeded him.

John reigned till his death in 1592, when his son Sigismund, who had been elected king of Poland and had become a Roman Catholic, succeeded him, the late king’s brother, Duke Charles, being regent till he could leave his kingdom of Poland. At his death in 1859, he was succeeded by his son Charles XV., who had been regent of the kingdom since 1857 in consequence of King Oscar’s illness. Oxenstiern was invested with the chief management of affairs; Baner, Torstenson, and other Swedish generals won new victories; and the kingdom for a time prospered, and by the peace of Westphalia in 1648 received western Pomerania and other accessions of territory. He died in 1660, and was succeeded by his young son Charles XI., during whose minority a peace was concluded by which the kingdom had 10 or 12 years of tranquillity. His reign was one of tranquillity in the kingdom, and in 1611 he died, leaving the throne to his son Gustavus Adolphus. Denmark became king. He exasperated the people by his cruelty, and they found a leader in Gustavus Ericsson, a noble of high rank, better known as Gustavus Vasa.

The resistance of the Swedes under Gustavus to the government of the Danish king was successful, and in 1523 they elected their leader king. After a turbulent reign of 20 years he died in 1771, and was succeeded by his son Gustavus. Upon the death of King John (1513), during whose reign the union of Calmar had been reëstablished, Christian was crowned at Copenhagen and at Opslo (now Christiania) in Norway. Margaret was eager that the union of the Scandinavian countries under a single sovereign should be made permanent, and delegates from the councils of state of the three kingdoms met at Calmar to discuss her proposals. The union of Calmar was maintained with great difficulty for more than 100 years, though in 1434-‘6 it was seriously perilled by the efforts of the Swedes under the leadership of Engelbert, a patriotic Dalecarlian miner, and but for his assassination by the treachery of a Swedish noble in 1436 would have been overthrown. After a reign of 21 years, the greater part of which was spent in wars with Poland and Russia for the possession of Ingria, Livonia, and other territories on the Baltic, and in the defence of Protestantism in Germany, while his affairs at home were managed successfully by the wise Oxenstiern, Gustavus closed his glorious career at the battle of Ltitzen in 1632, and his daughter Christina, then six years of age, succeeded him.

He was assassinated in 1792, and his son Gustavus IV. These reverses preyed at length upon the king; and the premature death of his son Christian, the presumptive heir to the throne, was an additional source of sadness, and accelerated his own death. A new constitution was decreed, and the prince of Holstein-Augustenburg was elected heir to the throne as crown prince. The sudden death of this prince in April, 1810, led very unexpectedly to the nomination of Bernadotte, prince of Ponte Corvo (see Bernadotte), as crown prince, whose success in securing Norway to Sweden (the rest of Swedish Pomerania being given up) endeared him to the people. Click on it and you’ll see “screen capture.” You’ll see an image of your phone; find whatever you want to capture (on your phone) and simply press save to take a picture. Real scraper bots that depend on content mining will easily find other IPs to access SO/SE from. These wristwatch-sized computers often come packed with a library of position-based information; it’s possible to buy a GPS watch today that will let you find your location — anywhere on the planet — within minutes of opening the box. Today I start offering TotalFinder for bitcoins and let people earn some bitcoins by referring TotalFinder to friends.

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