A mother who just recovered from breast

A mother who just recovered from breast has been left heartbroken after her 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier was mauled to death by a Pitbull-type dog inside a shop.

Lynda Warne, 66, was shopping with her ‘best friend’ Maxy the dog in Devonport when the animal launched itself at her pet and ‘wouldn’t let go for five minutes’, leaving blood everywhere. 

Ms Warne, who recently recovered from breast cancer, described Maxy as the ‘last little thing’ she had in her life, adding she had to seek counselling after the ordeal. 

Two female members of staff were so shaken by the incident that they had to stop work for the day and go home, the mother said. 

A police officer described the tragedy as the ‘worst attack on an animal’ they had ever seen. Devon and Cornwall Police attended the scene after a 999 call and are investigating.

A mother has been left traumatised after her little Yorkshire terrier Maxy (pictured) was mauled to death in a barbaric Pitbull-like dog attack inside a shop

Ms Warne said: ‘I will just never forget that sight. Maxy, my little boy, didn’t stand a chance.

‘The Pitbull-type dog didn’t let go for five minutes.I was shouting and screaming ”He’s not dead, he’s not dead!” but he was.’ 

She added: ‘This dog just made an aim right for him, he grabbed Maxy and Maxy must’ve died straight away as he didn’t make a noise. His eyes were wide open.’ 

Ms Warne, who has lived in Devonport her whole life and has one son, has been going through radiotherapy treatment for her cancer and now has ‘a scare’ in her left breast too. 

She said she was ‘already an emotional wreck’ but Maxy ‘went everywhere’ with her and was helping her get through a difficult time. 

‘I can’t stop breaking down, I feel so ill.I keep thinking he’s here with me; I keep seeing him on the bed, sleeping. But he has been taken away from me,’ she said.  

‘Everybody loved Maxy. I’d take Maxy up to Marlborough Street and his tail would be wagging as people would stand around stroking him.

Ms Warne said Maxy went everywhere with her and was helping her recover from her breast cancer 

A police officer described the tragedy as the ‘worst attack on an animal’ they had ever seen

‘All the shops would let me take him in. He was so well loved up there. 

‘I just can’t get my head around it.And I just can’t forget that image. 

‘The shop was closed for two hours afterwards because there was blood everywhere. I couldn’t do anything.

‘I was just screaming, screaming. I keep having flashbacks.I just want justice.’ 

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