2 Inch Globus Valve – An Important Tool

The 2 inch cam lock cylinder valve comes with water tight seal, water control lever, removable cover, and keyed remote control. Designed with 800 LB wet disc, steel spindle, screw threaded bonnet, and straight type pipe, the 2 inch globe valve comes with metal body and stainless steel bonnet. The valve assembly is made of cast iron and the interior chamber of the cylinder is fitted with plastic cam lock master cap. It can be used for gas, oil and water. It comes with screw threads in the interior to lock water or gasses from escaping.

The brass or steel construction of the 2 inch globe valve makes it strong, resistant, and long lasting. It can be used for heavy industrial productions and pressure applications. It can be used to provide continuous oil flow into the pumping machine or to regulate the pressure of water through the machine. It has a high capacity capability that produces high pressure and high temperatures.

The steel construction of the valves ensures its long service life and provides complete operating temperature range. Cam Lock Masters are used for securing gas and liquid lines. The valves are also useful for securing flanged pipe connections, high velocity pipelines and sewage main.

The valves have a unique advantage of having two cylinders in one, each holding a completely independent valve. The valves are designed for safety with a fully adjustable valve lift for a safe shutdown. The exterior finish is non-corrosive, stainless or chrome polished. The internal finish is textured to protect the valve against corrosion and rust. Cam Lock Masters are available in various designs such as double-ended, tapered, conical or dome.

The standard sizes of these valves are 16-inch, but there is an option of custom sizes. There is a choice of one-arm or two-arm style. The externally mounting cylinder helps to prevent slippage while it has a high degree of resistance to heat, corrosive agents and gas leaks. The steel pipes used in the valve are processed using heat and pressure to make them strong and flexible.

These types of valves are used in various industries including oil & gas, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, textile and paper industry, nuclear power industry and many more. In the past few years, the sales of these types of valves have increased tremendously. They are used in almost every industry including the electrical market, petroleum market, telecommunication, chemical market, chemical, power, petroleum, water and mining. However, they are increasingly used to control the water supply in order to meet the demands of consumers. Thus, we can say that this technology has changed the way we use pipes.

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